Leticia Arellano, PsyD.

You are excelling on the outside but feeling like you are wearing a mask. You may be struggling with anxiety or depression. You may be the first in your family to excel in school and work and feel the burden of being one of the few like you. You spend your weekends venting to friends but never seem to get enough off your chest and blowing off steam only seems to work for a moment. Your efforts to advocate for yourself may get you labeled as “angry” or “difficult”, which only seems to add to your suffering. You feel like two people live inside you, one that lashes at those you care about and one that feels terrible about it afterwards. You are a passionate person with a big mind and big heart who finds injustice is impeding your ability to express and truly empower yourself.

I am committed to using evidence-based practices in a manner that honors who you are and where you come from. I am passionate about helping folks from marginalized communities who are sick of being labelled as the “angry one.